Welcome to the Family!

Being an Aggie Mom makes you a part of a remarkable organization that connects you with thousands of women across the world who are interested in being there to support each other, our Aggies and the University.  Since 1922, moms have been coming together to help each other and our Aggies!

No other University in the USA has such an organized and exceptional group of moms. When you join the San Angelo Aggie Moms’ Club, you are automatically a member of The Federation of Texas A&M Mothers’ Clubs and thousands of other Aggie Moms.  We encourage you to fully embrace this A&MAZING group!!

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San Angelo Area Aggie Moms’ Club


Meeting Dates

Please watch your email, Facebook, and Instagram for monthly meeting information. We hope to see you there!

All dates can be found on our CALENDAR.

 If you have any questions please email us at:

We are always looking for VOLUNTEERS to help with the activities and events for our organization.  We understand that everyone is VERY busy, but we would like to find a way to include ALL of our members to help with as much or as little as they can.  If you would like to help in any respect your help will be greatly appreciated and we will find a job that will match the talents and time you have available.  Please contact us at with your contact information.

We hope to work with you soon!!