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When you join your local Aggie Moms’ Club, you are automatically a member of The Federation of Texas A&M Mothers’ Clubs and thousands of Aggie Moms.  Welcome to the Aggie Family!

Texas A&M’s school spirit is legendary. The “Aggie Spirit” is defined in large part by a series of traditions that students and former students have shared in the almost 150 year history, since the school’s founding in 1876. These traditions are time-honored and almost sacred amongst those who attend A&M. We encourage you to explore and learn more about each of A&M’s storied traditions.  Remember, Texas A&M was an all-male military school until 1963 — a fact that impacts many of the tradition’s origins.

There are many terms and phrases that are unique to Texas A&M, and you’ll often hear Aggies using them when speaking to one another. These words are often rooted in history and tradition, much like the university itself.