Study Bucks

In 2004, San Angelo Aggie Moms began offering Study Bucks to students from our area who have a family member as a current member of our club.  Study Bucks are vouchers available to students simply for the asking .  They are non-competitive  awards.  Students requesting this assistance will receive coupons that may be used any time during in that semester.  They may be used at one of 4 tutorial services in College Station: A+ Tutoring, 4.0 and Go, TutorJohn & Spartan Tutoring.

Study Bucks have been utilized by many of our students over the past several years and we are proud to continue offering this assistance to our Aggie students!

To apply, your STUDENT must:

  • Send an e-mail to requesting Study Bucks.
  • Subject line: Study Bucks
  • Body of email must include: Student’s Name, Student’s University ID#, Student’s Bryan/College Station Mailing Address & Aggie Mom Member’s Name.

Your student will receive $100 in Study Bucks coupons by email.  The coupons will have the student’s name and ID# on them and must be signed by the student at the time the coupons are used.  The coupons are non-transferable and are valid only for the dates indicated.  Please understand that the student must use the coupons as payment.  They cannot pay out of pocket and expect to be reimbursed.  They must receive the coupons prior to going to the tutorial session.

Students may request Study Bucks up to two times per academic year, including summer term for a maximum of $200 per academic year.  Family member must be a paid and current Aggie Mom Member. If you need additional information, please email us at